From left: Torstein Rasmussen, Kjetil Djuve, Hans A. Økland, Magnar Sellevoll, Kurt Magne Kvernøy, Lars Solberg, Bjørg Hus, Kjetil Hus, Rune Sortland.

Kurt Magne Kvernøy

CEO and owner.

Extensive experience from production, quality, maintenance and sales. Always looking for improvements and new technology that offers unprecedented opportunities.

Torstein Rasmussen

Chairman of the board and owner.

Genuinely interested in improving work processes to achieve good flow in companies. Long sailing time from production, purchasing, logistics, IT projects and business development at home and abroad.

Bjørg Hus

SW Engineer and owner.

Long experience as a software developer, object oriented programmer and as a teacher in programming, 3D modelling, animation and web design. Have a love for problem solving and like to learn new things.

Rune Sortland

Production manager and CNC Specialist.

Long experience from CNC machining at Wärtsilä and Olvondo.Worked as Teamleader, Lean Coach and Apprentice Sensor.

Kjetil Hus

SW Engineer and owner.

Education:M. Sc. Physics NTNUSkilled worker automationExperience:Ship automation systems, gearboxes and propellers.

About Us


i4 FACTORY is a start-up company consisting of experienced professionals and technology people from the world-leading industrial environment at Rubbestadneset and Stord. We are located in premises on Rubbestadneset quay, centrally between Bergen and Stavanger. Locally, the place is better known as the «terminal building on the speedboat quay.

Our philosophy

Together with our partners, we develop and deliver effective and sustainable production solutions for our customers. Our growth strategy is to build strong partnerships with market leaders to strengthen our customers market position.

Our services

First i4 Factory is already installed at Rubbestadneset pir, ready for component production and deliveries to customers. In addition this first factory will serve as a pilot production unit for satellite factories installed locally at customer sites. Future plans include additional CNC machines and 3D printers integrated.


Our background

Rubbestadneset has since early 19th century developed and delivered state of the art technology for maritim and energy industry. Our knowledge and experience is based on rotating machinery with high precision tolerances. Over the last decades production activities have been constantly moved around to different production locations far away from the assembly or the final consumer. This is not effective nor environmentally friendly. With our standardised and fully automised factory for machined parts, called i4 Factory, we are now able to offer a solution which may be installed nearby the end consumer with all its benefits.


Contact us

Austbøvegen 44
CEO: Kurt Magne Kvernøy
Phone: +47 41 79 43 09
E-post: kmk@i4factory.no